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Since there was so much that went on with my presentation laptop last year (.NET 3.0 beta, then later VS 2008 Beta, a bunch of Java testing, and so on) I figured I'll start the new year with a clean build of it and so I slicked it yesterday (used DBAN) and started goodness I forgot how long it takes to get even XP w/SP2 fully patched and ready to go.

There's over 100 updates on Windows Update for that box after putting a clean install of XP/SP2. Then I also forgot how long (really long) it takes to install Visual Studio 2005 SP1...I've finally got it ready though and I've imaged it along the way so I don't have to go through that pain again in the near future if I decide to do something different. Kept the images small enough this time to fit on a DVD so I can offload them from my external drive.

A side note that bummed me out - one of my memory modules in that box is going bad so I'll have to replace it soon so I don't get bogged down too had first gone out on me ironically enough during my Dynamic Code Analysis presentation at Twin Cities Code Camp - I had noticed it while waiting for one of my intentionally slow code demos to run!

For those wondering - I decided against Vista for this box...the box scores just about as low as you can go. Perhaps later this year I can spring for a new laptop to be my presentation machine!

Posted on Sunday, December 30, 2007 10:14 PM Blowing off steam , Just for fun | Back to top

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