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Due to some sweeping changes that are coming down the pipeline at work I've got to change IP's for a number of SQL clusters that are in production. Having gone through enough nightmares while originally setting up these clusters over the years I wasn't looking forward to it... but since I had enough lead time I took some lab assets to mirror the production setup so I could play with it before crunch time.

I'm posting the following reference to a Microsoft KB article for my own benefit and for those who might be looking for such a solution as well. I've done these steps in the lab today for the SQL 2000 instance and it worked like a champ - exactly according to the KB article...kind of a rarity in the tech world since there are so many variables out there.


How to change the network IP addresses of SQL Server failover cluster instances


Posted on Friday, January 4, 2008 9:51 PM SQL Stuff , Tips and Tricks | Back to top

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