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A bit of a late announcement - I'm just returning to a schedule after my son was released from the hospital last night.

This month’s meeting will start off with Pizza and then break into "The Adventures of Linq".

Linq (or Lanquage INtegrated Query) is a new feature of the .Net 3.5 runtime that provides an elegant mechanism for querying data from within C# & VB.Net code. In this session, we'll move past the basic examples that occupy most introductions to Linq and examine the new .Net 3.5 functional constructs that enable Linq to work it's "magic". We'll look at what Linq is and why it is. And we'll examine several examples that demonstrate that Linq is not just a "convenience feature", but a powerful mechanism that creates an entirely new paradigm for .Net application development.

Our speaker this month is John Lunsford. John is a software engineer in Charleston, SC. John specializes in development with .Net technologies. John currently works as an independent software consultant, but previously worked at Blackbaud in Charleston for 2 1/2 years, where he helped to develop the company's new suite of enterprise product offerings for non-profit organizations. Prior to coming to Charleston, John worked for EdFinancial Services in Knoxville, TN, where he developed web-based enterprise financial applications for EdFinancial and it's partners. John's passions are new technology, speaking, & writing. He has spoken at code camps and user groups throughout the Southeast about Linq, WPF, WF, .Net Fuzzy Search, .Net Encryption, & ASP.Net.

See you there!

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