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Little did I realize when I posted a blog entry asking for help on August 12th asking for help that the response would be so awesome! There were so many folks both local and quite far away who one way or another found that entry and helped in some way shape or form whether it was a donation of cash, school supplies, or clothing, thank you so much for everything everyone donated.

One of the huge hurdles we faced with the kids is over for now. Getting them geared up for school with clothes, shoes, etc. The school district had donated supplies but we found out the day before school started they hadn't donated everything they needed and the backpacks they had donated literally fell apart dumping 2 of the boys stuff to the ground the first day they loaded up their books, etc. at school. So we ended up buying some better quality backpacks.

With a lot of the donated cash we were able to take them out to get the remainder of the school supplies they needed along with a couple other clothing items. We saved a chunk of it because both boys are taking music classes at school and tonight is the night they go (with us) to pick out which instrument they want to play so we can buy those too. One of the girls is taking a photography class and we'll end up buying her a camera for class (they're still using 35mm SLR). We literally would have been broke (i.e. no more money in any accounts) by the day after my last payday if it weren't for the donations, so again, thank you so much!

We're still trying to hunt down the child support money due to us, but also still getting the run-around by South Carolina DSS. One friend suggested we just contact the court in PA which awarded the child support, but without a docket number to give them we might end up getting the run around there too.

The 4 kids are doing ok for the time being with adjusting to the transition. They've expressed frustration that they don't want to be here and would rather be back home in PA, but they say they understand this is probably the best place to be for now while everything is being worked out and we're trying to make the transition as likeable as possible but of course we still need boundaries and they're having a hard time accepting some of the boundaries (i.e., "Why do I have a curfew?") I think some of the time I've spent trying to explain the enormity of support they have (between the whole geek/dev community that's given to us and the local church) has had a positive effect because they're starting to "get" that people out there do care about them.

Aside from the "assimilated" kids, my own two are doing good for now. Little Louie is still hospital free (except a follow up he had last week) and the doctors are pleased with his progress to date. My daughter is still trying to get used to the new school. She had gone to the private school before since she was 3 and wasn't too excited to leave her friends and teachers but with all that's gone on we just couldn't afford to keep sending her to private school so she's working to make the best of it.

Hopefully next month we'll find out if we've been accepted at the specialty center in NOLA, Ohio, or Boston (not sure which one we were put in for) and can start making preparations to get my wife and son out there for the specialized testing that the surgeons have said will provide a definitive treatment plan. They also say the longer he's out of the hospital the better his chances are that he won't have to go back in again. I'm looking forward to that. Here's to 2009 being his first year hospital free! Little Louie is also excited because he starts "school" in September. One of the local churches sponsors a "Mom's day out" where they'll take little children in for 3-4 hours during the day twice a week so moms can get a break. I know that will be a welcome break for my wife with the others already in school.

Thanks again!


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