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AT&T Customer Service sucks. AT&T Customer Service is horrible. AT&T Customer Service is nearly the worst I've ever experienced. If you have AT&T consider dropping them before you run into the unfortunate event of having to deal with their horrible customer service. If you're shopping for a cell phone provider, wireless provider, etc., don't consider AT&T because it's just not worth it.

I'll explain more later. Right now just trust me on this. That is all.


Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:34 PM Blowing off steam , Non-Technical | Back to top

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# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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So True! When I worked in Atlanta, we had constant trouble with phone, DSL, and email. (BellSouth at the time.) Then to top it off they hired someone we were interviewing. I hope he's happy!

Then in Charleston their DSL service was horrible. They just read scripts and after an hour of talking on the phone they tell you what you already know.

When they messed up my phone lines I asked to speak to a manager, who never called back. Now whenever their telemarketers call I tell them I won't speak to them until I get an apology for their awful service.
Left by Vic on Aug 27, 2008 2:32 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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Well, where should I begin? Yes, I could not agree more. I have had so many arguments with them over problems in the past and every time I have encountered the same poor level of customer service. It is definitely the worst.

The last time that I had an issue with them, they agreed that they added charges to my account that were a result of a mistake on their end, but refused to refund them. I had to go up the food chain to reach the 4th person who finally agreed that they should refund these charges. All 3 of the prior "managers" and "supervisors" agreed, yes those charges were a mistake on our end, but no, we will not refund them. It is just crazy. The 4th person finally agreed with me and refunded the charges. But it took over 3 hours to accomplish that.

I could go on and on, believe me. But let me just leave that one tidbit. All I can say is I feel your pain.
Left by David Silverlight on Aug 29, 2008 8:46 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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They decided to hook me up with a long distance plan without asking me... $30/month. When I asked to have it taken off, they denied it was part of my service, even with it clearly written on my bill, for 9 months... finally one nice lady recognized my complaint and refunded me 3 months... (cause that's all she can do)... Then 2 weeks ago I decided to cancel my landline altoghter... what do you know-- that sucker is still connected but my DSL has been shutoff... when i asked them to "fix" they said we'll have it on by Friday... today is SUNDAY. AT&T = DOUCHEBAGS. Can I get a AMEN!
Left by newsy on Nov 30, 2008 10:43 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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I cancelled my service with them a month ago, then I get billed and money charged to my credit card for a current charge. I call and they say they don't have a record of me cancelling my account. They are full of shit. I keep getting transferred, from Customer Service, to Accounts Receivable, to a Specialist...I've spent about 2 hour long waits on the phone. I still haven't been able to resolve this issue. I'm dreading making the call again, but I have to. AT&T is horrible. Never again. Never.
Left by Raji on Dec 30, 2008 11:03 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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I had auto pay with AT&T. AT&T began fraudently removing money from my checking account over a four day period to the tune of $700.00
I caught this while balancing my check book. I contacted AT&T regarding the situation, initially they blamed my children. Saying that they made payments via their cell phones dialling 611. After me arguing with them for over three days, AT&T fianlly called me to let me know that, they AT&T is responsible for this computer problem and that they admit there was a serious computer glitch on their end that caused this. Fast forward 3 weeks I am still desperatly trying to recieve my refund. All I do is get transfered from one customer service idiot to another service idiot.My advise is DONT DO AUTO PAY WITH AT&T.
Left by Liz Gonzals on Jan 09, 2009 2:10 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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In August 2008, I changed my long distance service on my two home phones from AT&T to Qwest. I called AT&T, and the representative who sounded as though they were off-shore in India (poor English language skills), worked with me to cancel the AT&T long distance on the phones.

To my surprise, the next month I received a bill from AT&T. I called again in September to again cancel the AT&T long distance. The representative (again sounded as if he was an off-shore resource), apologized for the issue, and told me that he would get the issue cleared up and the inappropriate service cancelled. I thanked him and the call was concluded.

To my utter shock I received yet another bill from AT&T. I called AT&T quite dismayed, and worked with another representative who sounded off-shore again. This time I asked for a refund for the previous months, as it was inappropriate to charge me for a service I had twice cancelled. He refunded me $20.88 to my account and assured me the account was closed.

I then discover two bills from AT&T (I was out of town on vacation, returning to find them). One professing that I am late paying!

I called AT&T customer service at 08:00 Monday 9 Feb 2009, and asked for a supervisor. I provided the background to the supervisor ("Clive") and let him know I have been trying to cancel my AT&T service since Aug 2008. He told me that he is unable to process the refund on the charges, and that there was no one else I can speak with. I told him this situation is exasperating, and that I would pursue this further with the BBB. I asked for a transaction number this time: W6SG0209

I tried to find a US number but was unable. Called back to AT&T, and spoke with "Mike" (real name probably Rajeed). He was unable to help, and was unable to provide a number to a US based HQs number. I asked for a transaction ID: W6770209

I ended up submitted complaints to the BBB (of Atlanta, GA), FCC, Washington State Attorney General, Wasington State PUC and to AT&T web page directly.

Lo-and-behold the very next day (after the BBB inquiry) AT&T "Executive Appeals" representative Teresa Jenkins, e-mails me to let me know she removed the inappropriate fees, and closed the account (*finally*). Her e-mail had a tone and implication that *I* caused the problem.. I responded to her e-mail stating the facts to the contrary, and included my comments in my replies to the BBB, FCC, PUC and Attorney General e-mails I received in the interim.

AT&T is unbelieveable...
Left by DK on Feb 13, 2009 2:04 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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I couldnt agree more with the previous posts. The lack of service and the misrepresentation of products continues even to the AT&T stores. I have gone to the trouble of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The local assistant manager simply lied as to his sales pitch - and keeps lying to cover his own butt.

Those in corporate have chosen to back their associate manager - and largely turned a deaf ear to my voice. Well one thing they cannot do.. and that is turn off my voice to the public. I have been hoodwinked into a useless phone for two years.. and unable to find resolution with AT&T I will spend those two years under contract paying my bills and complaining to anyone who hears that their service simply sucks.
Left by Kevin on Mar 04, 2009 11:29 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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OK....where to start...first of all me and my GF just moved into our first apartment and we had everything ready to go had our install date the day we moved in which was a thursday. Thursdays comes and thursdays contact from for THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD (AT&T). not a phone call nothing we call them friday and they said oh well the account is still pending... we bought the account 3 weeks prior and its still pending?!?!?! FAIL!!! then they said we can get it installed next friday (how nice huh) now today is friday and the technician who was supposed to do the install called and said your not getting installed today i dont know why they told you that it was... WTF is my response. We call AT&T and they say YEAH it should be installed today?!?! Then we call again later and ask if they are coming out today and the SAME customer service retard says oh no it wont be installed until next wednesday! OMFG!!!! I hope this company goes under because they really need to. they are worthless, they lie, they cant get a simple f'ing install today (friday still) i called comcast and they are coming out same day to install! So here is to AT&T....ALL OF YOU CAN EAT SHIT AND DIE AND I MEAN THAT FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE RETARDS ALL THE WAY UP TO CEO RETARDS AFTER ALL ACTIONS REFLECT LEADERSHIP!
Left by Jeff Arndt from greenwood, IN on May 01, 2009 4:42 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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I agree totally. Sometimes I wonder if AT&T and AT&T are even the same company. I tried to order DSL service online, but kept getting a technical error. Finally got it to work but not with the discount they were offering. I called as a follow-up to the order to verify it and they said they had no record of the order. Then they said that they "found" my order and my service would be on in 3 days and I'd have my modem in two.
After 4 days I called back to check the status of my order and guess what - we have no record of any order on that phone number. Then suddenly they "found" it again and told me that it was delayed because of my previous DSL provider, but that it would be on that day. They asked what modem I wanted and I told them I would purchase the modem to save the shipping.
So after buying the modem I get home to find a box from Covad on the doorstep. I get on the phone the next day and they tell me that there is still no record in the system of an order for DSL on my phone number. I said I already have the modem from Covad and they said "If it's from Covad then we didn't send it because we have nothing to do with Covad". I open the box from Covad and guess what's in it - a modem from AT&T with a letter welcoming me to AT&T DSL. I call again to make sure the order is cancelled and she is still telling me there's no record of my order! She said "I can't cancel an order that doesn't exist". I am waiting to see my bill because I"m sure I've been billed for it!
Left by Ken on Jun 18, 2009 12:02 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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From the beginning. AT&T didn't hook up services (u-verse) on the date they stated. I called to inquire why nothing was on... they stated was a technical problem in their system & they had to give me a new number to tie my services to. 2 weeks later still nothing. After about 30 reps/60 looped calls-transfers/hang ups(by them)/and 1 "sorry we are now closed even though you been on hold and transferred for the entire day... I finally got a rep that stated the next day, "Oh, the reason we are having so many problems is that we don't offer service in your area." Now I figured this was a blatent lie, but it's my way out at this point. So, fine.. please make sure everything is cancelled out... go through about 2 more transfers and it's done, right? Wrong. 2 months later I receive a request for them to take out the bills on my debit card... for INTERNET I never had. 100 something dollars... How the hell does that happen?! Btw, AT&T's name was bought out by Cingular. It's not the old AT&T.
Left by Kimberly on Jul 22, 2009 10:30 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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My experience with AT&T is one of the worst encounters I've had when dealing with a service provider.
I have their 1.5mbps dsl service at work which is something that I use for light browsing for making online orders and for entertainment. For a few months I noticed that my bill was around $40 higher, but I just thought it was from long distance and didn't pay much attention. Then I started to get calls from AT&T.

ATT: "Hello, would you like to upgrade your service to 6.0mbps free for charge for the next 3 months?"
ME: "No thank you"
ATT: "6.0mbps can do wonders for your business"
ME: "No thank you, I'm sorry but I'm busy right now, have a nice day!"
ATT: "Sir could you verify one more time that you do want the upgrad..."
*CLICK* (I hang up)

They called my business literally twice a day for 2 weeks and the calls got more and more annoying and aggressive to the point where I stopped being polite.

Then I got an email...

ATT: This is your confirmation email stating that you have upgraded to the 6.0mbps service. Blah blah blah...
(Then in fine print: "regular charges do apply when the promotional 3 months have passed please call customer service if you wish to opt out of our promotion)

I look at my old bills to make sure they didn't pull other bullshit tricks out of their asses, and I notice why my bill was higher the past few months. They had upgraded me to 3.0 from 1.5 without my consent nor any notifications. I called them to confront this and the first representative was very polite.

REP1: "I'm seeing that the upgrade to the 3.0 happened back in August, I apologize about that sir, let me transfer you to our dsl department and they'll adjust your account and refund the overcharges"

ME: "Thank you very much, I appreciate it."

REP2: "Hello, blah blah blah, how can I help you? Oh, I need to transfer you to *inaudible*

REP3: "Hello, how can I assist you?"

ME: "My internet service was upgraded without my consent, and I've been billed for it"

REP3: "Sir you are not being billed for the 6.0"

ME: "Yes, but my service was upgraded from 1.5 to 3.0"

REP3: "No, you have always been on the 3.0"

ME: "No, I've been on 1.5 since forever"

REP3: "I'm not seeing it"

ME: "Can I talk to your supervisor?"

*CLICK* I get hung up on...

Their customer service is abysmal and they will do sneaky things to steal money from you.
You should stay away from signing a contract with them if possible.

By the way, I've done speed tests multiple times after I got my 6.0 "free upgrade" and my download speed has never exceeded 2.0mbps... which is the same as when I was using my 1.5...

Yeah AT&T is a sham
Left by Chris on Oct 08, 2009 8:06 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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Is this it...just rant rant and more rant..what can be done...We need phone service but not many choices..So How can we get att to work with our contact the complaints dept(customer service) will not assist you in trying to keep your service So whats the answer......If they are so big why not give an adjustment on someone's bill every once in satisfy the customer.
Left by optional on May 22, 2010 1:02 PM

# Hate
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I was on the phone for 30+ minutes with a cust. service rep who was unable to resolve my billing issues. She stated she would transfer me to a "specialist", but low-and-behold it was after 5pm so my transfer was to a pre-recorded message stating to call back during regular business hours. WTF

Not to mention the audible cheer from staffers I heard at the 5pm mark; no doubt cheering the end of their day and saying "fuck whoever we're currenlty assisting, let's go ride our elephants to the market!"

Left by J on Jun 22, 2010 5:58 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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Monday, 8/16/10- Call & order dsl. Rep self if I have a landline. Me-no. Rep- modem or router? Me- I have a router but no modem. Rep- ok. Someone will be out Friday between 88 & 12. Friday- no one knocks on my door & no internet. Saturday- rep tells me I need a modem & to have phone jacks installed. She schedules service call for Tuesday & tells me to call on Monday & have them overnight me a modem. Me-will I be charged for this? Rep- idk. Today, Monday 8/23/10- call abt getting modem.transferred multiple times to wrong departments. Told I would have to pay for modem & shipping for having it overnighted. Me- I'm not paying for the sales reps mistakes. Rep - you could go to best buy & get one. Me- then why wasn't I told that on Saturday? I have calling hours for a death in the family & can't go. Who do I need to talk to to have the modem sent but not pay for the shipping rep- let me transfer you to our retention dept. Transfer- hello, dish network. I explain situation & am transferred for the 5 th time . Finally, I just askedfor them to cancel my service. Seriously? I spent over an hour trying to fix their mistake & didnt wamt to deal with their shitty , poorly trained, imbecile staff anymore. What a bunch of effing idiots. & yeah, at&t, I'm going to use my social network to spread the word abt what a piece of shit company you're running.
Left by kelly on Aug 24, 2010 12:52 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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The AT&T customer service automated system is an impossible labyrinth. It will force you to choose from options that have nothing to do with your problem, make you answer the same questions over and over, send you to places that relate in no way to the answers you did provide, and then hang up on you. And when you do finally get ahold of an actual person, it is just a coin toss whether they will have any competency at all. For example, I am currently on hold with an friendly agent who has been trying to get me over to the billing department for the last 15 minutes. I know he hasn't hung up on me because he keeps coming back on and telling me that he is trying to transfer the call. Ha ha ha.
Left by Cody on Sep 10, 2010 7:58 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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Good Times!!

We've been using AT&T DSL for 18 months+ now. It was my fiance's account when we moved in together last year. We got married over 4 months ago and when we got back from our honeymoon she started changing her last name on all of her accounts (seeing how she had a new last name.) When she called AT&T to change her last name on her DSL account, she could barely understand the customer rep. Said it sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles. Instead of changing the last name on her account, the idiot rep canceled her original account and opened a new account under a bogus name vaguely familiar to her actual name (and under the prefix 'Mr.') Over the last few months we have had to make 7 more phone calls with various reps including multiple department transfers. We've made several attempts to discuss this through email as well.

Today I had to make phone call #8 as we have received notice that a 4th account has been opened under her name and our DSL was also dead this morning. In less than 5 months AT&T has opened 3 new accounts under my wife's name (4 accounts total) when all we wanted to do was change the last name on her account (which they STILL haven't done.) We are also receiving collection notices on 2 of those bogus accounts. They were charging us for 3 accounts at the same time (with 3 different names) for 1 IP address.

Are the reps being dishonest, opening new acounts for every phone-call (for the comission), or are they just plain stupid?

This is what happens when companies outsource their customer service. They lose their quality-of-service and inter-department cohesion. It would also help if they didn't hire a bunch of retards as customer service reps.

How many AT&T reps does it take to change a last name???
Left by J.P. on Sep 21, 2010 10:26 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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It is the WORSTEST sucking thing on earth..oh wait in the entire universe!
Left by mark on Oct 05, 2010 9:57 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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I had the most wonderful experience with the customer service reps at att dsl service. Those reps really know what they are doing. They were able to get me online and surfing and even taught me things I never knew. I commend att service reps. I am so happy!
Rated A+
Left by SA on Oct 26, 2010 12:33 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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My family and I have AT&T. From the beginning, the service was horrible and our phone calls were dropped or not made at all. Therefore, my family decided to cancel the contract and sign with Verizon while we had 3 months left with AT&T. But before we terminated the contract, I have called AT&T twice asking how much the termination fee would be if cancelled, once in mid- November and once in January. In November, they told me it was $60 all together. However when I called on January 25th at 12:40pm, they told it was $80 in total, all together, for a four member family plan and that they do not have record of me calling at all in November or before or after about the termination fee. When we cancelled the contract, we called them to make sure again. However this time, they told me it is $70 each person. That is $280 in total. That is not what the representative had told me when I called. When I called AT&T back about this issue, they told me they have no record of me calling at all in January either. They have changed the price three times and lied to me three times. I talked to the supervisor but all he told me was to pay the $280. AT&T has lied to me three times and now giving me no choice but to pay the $280. I do not want to pay for the mistake of AT&T and their representatives. Is there anything I can do?
Left by Gaell K. on Mar 08, 2011 10:59 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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My landline phone goes dead every time there is raining. I called customer service and they scheduled for a Techinician to come out but a week later the rain stopped the problem went away. I am sure the problem is not inside my house because when it happened, I went to the phone box to disconnected the incoming jack and connected to the phone and I got the same problem. I have complained about this for years but the problem still persists.
Left by unhappy customer on Mar 20, 2011 12:27 AM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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Your not telling a lie,, on hold 44:19 mins then a recording came on said office is closed, this was after a man clearly not in the US put me on hold 11 mins 19 secs to "review my account" then came back on and said i cant help you--total call time 1 hour 13 mins 19secs and got nowhere at all.........BITE ME lol
Left by jeffro on Jul 18, 2011 11:01 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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Tried to change the credit card that we have set for our automatic payment on our home phone. Would not let us do it like online as with our cell phones. Had to call customer service, tried twice but wiat was like forever and had to hang up. Finally got thru, could not hear the service gale because of all the background noise at their end. Got almost done, after 1/2 hour and then the phone wnet dead at their end!!! They did not call back and we just gave up! Hope they read this!!
Left by George Ebenhoeh on Sep 07, 2011 5:56 PM

# re: AT&T Customer Service is horrible
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They are incompetent employees. All they do is transfer you four or five times and put you on hold after that you go through the hassle with the automated system. AT&T do not give you what you ask for and make you pay for it in the end. No one knows anything about previous problems because they do not take notes. I used to be a loyal customer of theirs but I will never do business again with them.
Left by Kizzy on Sep 14, 2011 11:53 AM

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