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I recently purchased the Kindle 3 and very excited to have this device that lets me read documents without tiring my eyes from the backlight. I can even let it read for me in a fairly natural way “when you get used to it”. I have also played some music using this device and perfectly understand that it was not designed to be some form of music player like iPod or Zune, but does give a good sound either off it speakers or through earphones.

Things i like

  1. I was tired a few days ago and set the speakers “on” and the Kindle device started reading for me. I normally don't read the types of books that Kindle was reading for me. I quickly start yawning and dosing when i read those types of books, but with kindle reading for me, i lay relaxed on my bed and switched off the lights and Mr Kindle read 9 chapters for me in one evening. I was excited.
  2. The service is excellent. I called Amazon and spoke to support after my Kindle suddenly started showing only part of the screen and froze the half rest.
  3. The dictionary that can help me as i read when i focus on a word i need explained. the Kindle has an in-built Oxford American English Dictionary that, i think is excellent and well positioned for immediate help.
  4. The experimental music playing functionality is cool. I think it plays mp3s only, i don’t know if it plays other formats.
  5. The new Collections feature is also excellent. I was having problems finding books because i wanted a folder structure that would let me classify content by subject /author or date.
  6. The Amazon store is awesome, i like the easy way i can search for stuff and tryout – well i know many online stores bound to mobile devices have these features but i truly loved the Amazon store.
  7. PDF support. This is just necessary.
  8. Is so easy to upload files into this device. Connect it to your PC and bam! You have it act like a flash disk, copy paste, cut paste, delete.

Things that i wish could be improved


  1. The screens seem very fragile.
  2. I wish i could have a more custom dashboard type of interface. Showing books that i’m still reading, New, those on trial, new music/audio files,
  3. I wish Kindle could support PowerPoint presentation files.
  4. As a developer, i want to see ways of creating small custom apps, that could make my experience better. I know Amazon has availed the SDK for Kindle, but i think we need more documentation / api details. What happens to us .NET developers? I suppose we use mono or other linux tools like that. But where are the guidelines and best practices?
  5. The experimental feature for playing mp3, should rather give me some sort of playlist so i can choose what i want to play.
  6. Touch, gestures and these new things that most geeks are talking about. I found it quite tough to surf the internet, position my mouse click. With touch even context menus will be easier. Touch a word and get a dictionary explanation for it.
  7. I don’t really care much about color screen for now, but when it comes, i want to play video files too.
  8. Improve on that browser. I want to save the html locally and open it later where i have no connection and read it.
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And now we have scrabble for kindle!! enjoy
Left by jake on Sep 24, 2010 6:42 AM

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