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We use a developer tree like
  • src (contains the master-SLN and other code-stuff)
  • build (contains tools to build assemblies, code-doku, ..)
  • bin (central common output-folder for c#-compiler)
Under src normally the <project>.nunit should lay. But this file then references the assembly in a schema like:
<assembly path="..\bin\Debug\EsriDE.PipelineManagement.Core.ClassExtensions.Test.dll" />

This gives an error by running nunit-console.exe:
Could not load file or assembly 'EsriDE.PipelineManagement.Core.ClassExtensions.Test' or one of its dependencies.

The problem is, that nunit only could load assemblies which are located in a folder inside or under the folder which contains the nunit-project file.

I traced this error with fuslogvw and this gives the correct hint:
Not probing location file:///C:/Projekte/PDE-000092/PRJ_SfgPraxair/trunk/bin/Debug/EsriDE.PipelineManagement.Core.ClassExtensions.Test.DLL, because the location falls outside of the appbase.

Putting the nunit-project file directly near the above quoted folders and deleting the "..\" inside the file for the assembly locations corrects the problem and lets run nunit fine.
posted on Friday, June 12, 2009 1:35 PM