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June 2015 Entries

In too many projects I saw a chaos to store different versions of documents (in case these documents are edited over the time and older versions were kept for later analysis). Each colleague has an own understanding how to name documents and how to add information about the status/version of the document. So it is not seldom to see timestamps as pre- or suffixes, user and user-acronyms as suffixes, and version numbers as suffixes. It gets really interesting if multiple users co-work on the same document ......

By downloading the latest version of WLW you normally get the online installer. It is a small program wlsetup-web.exe which downloads during setup the necessary components. Unfortunately this setup raised on different machines the error “Couldn’t install programs”. Thankfully there is also an offline installer available, containing the complete bundle of live tools: According some information in the web it is recommended ......