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Office 365

Installing the Windows Azure Active Directory Synchronization Tool (a.k.a. DirSync)

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Exchange Hybrid deployment scenarios
Hybrids: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Whether Exchange or Lync, hybrids are the wave of the future, something everyone will have to start dealing with at one point in their career. With Exchange Hybrids in particular, we enable coexistence between our on-prem exchange environment and Office 365’s Exchange Online, enabling features such as: Secure mail routing Unified GAL Free/Busy sharing Centralized SMTP control & mail box management A single Outlook ......

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Large mailboxes & managing multiple mailboxes…. Ohhhh My!

In this case the customer ran in to some serious client IOPS issues as the combined size of all the mailboxes bloated the OST file (the local outlook cache!) somewhere between 30GB and 50GB. Considering the limit for OST files in outlook 2010 and outlook 2013 is actually 50GB, as well as that outlook OST access is random, that causes some heavy disk usage! Something the client computers with their 7200rpm spindles just couldn’t handle… So out comes the magic stick and we solve the problem. B

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OWA for ios devices
I was in the presentation launch of the OWA for ios devices and boy, does that look exciting! We now feature a full app for Office 365 supporting OWA offline and many more options. Support for Exchange 2013 on premise deployments is not there yet but is planned to come soon (when it's ready!)"Our goal is to help our customers remain productive anytime, anywhere. This includes providing a great email experience on smartphones and tablets. Windows Phone 8 comes with a top-notch native email client ......

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Office 365: Authentication
When we’re talking authentication the first thing that pops up in our minds is Active Directory. For years, active directory has been the staple identity provider for most companies and the foundational building block upon which most applications were built. With Azure and O365, we need to think about the different authentication methods that could be. Are we going to an “all in the cloud” model? Federated identities? Hybrid active directory? Or maybe something else completely? All in the Microsoft ......

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