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Hello. I’ve often wondered why I’ve never blogged before and never really came up with a convincing reason why not. I guess it’s partly laziness and partly wondering if no-one is going to read it then what is the point. I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that I should at least blog my thoughts so that even if nobody else reads them, at least I’ve taken the time to consider more about what I am thinking and writing which can only be a good thing.

I’m currently focused on Integration and have been working with BizTalk since the first version. In the last 12+ months I’ve been more involved in design, planning and management but I’m due to change jobs in the new year and should be getting back to more hands on work; which is good news for me :)

Until then, this blog might be a little sporadic but I hope to at least present some of my experiences gained so far within my latest role. To start with I’ll dig out the slide deck I presented at the UK BizTalk user group and post an accompanying entry explaining it all. Watch this space…

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