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 The Goals of ASP.NET 2.0


Developer productivity – Eliminate much of the tedious coding that ASP.NET originally required and to make common ASP.NET Task easier. Take an example, in ASP.NET 1.x you need to write number of lines code to just enable paging in datagrid control. Now you can just specify “AllowPaging=True”.


Administration and Management -This release of ASP.NET focus on the developer, and little thought was given to the people who had to administrator and manage all the ASP.NET application that were built and deployed. ASP.NET has now includes a Website Administration Tool, to facilitate web site administrator to edit ASP.NET Configuration settings. This tool allows administrator to edit the content of machine.config and the web.config file directly. Even you can access this tools programatically using the API calls – that are now part of .NET Framework 2.0. Now you can also encrypt the section of your config files.


Performances and Scalability- One of the goal from ASP.NET team was to provide the world's fastest web application server. One of the most exciting performance enhancement is the new caching capability aimed at exploiting Microsoft SQL Server 2005. ASP.NET now includes a feature called Sql cache invalidation.


Additional New Features -

New Development Infrastructure

Membership and Role Management


ASP.NET Portal Framework

Site Navigation

New Compilation System

Addition to the Page Framework – Master Pages

Themes and Skins

New Objects for accessing Data

New Server Controls

New IDE for building ASP.NET 2.0 Pages


Maulik Soni

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