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[Updated with an answer to Question 3]

Once again I want to thank everyone who came out for my talk on IntelliTrace and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate yesterday at Tech Ed 2011!

After querying some MVPs and some product group members, we’ve come up with answers to some of the questions that were posed yesterday:

Question 1: Can you turn on call logging in IntelliTrace dynamically?  The example I was given was the application under test takes a while to spin up and makes a bunch of calls that they don’t want IntelliTrace information for.  They want to essentially be able to dynamically turn on call tracing in IntelliTrace.

This is not possible with Visual Studio 2010. IntelliTrace is needs to be there when the process starts, and once it does, the collection plan cannot change until the process is restarted.


Question 2: Using IntelliTrace against assemblies deployed in the GAC, and will it work, and do you have to do anything special?

IntelliTrace collects its information on the process, so collecting information against assemblies deployed in the GAC should not be an issue.  Here is some great information from Ed Blankenship on this:

You’re actually collecting IntelliTrace diagnostic information from a .NET process and not necessarily a DLL.  However, if the process loads some DLLs then they would be collected as well (depending on the settings of course).  So if you wanted to collect information from a custom TFS build workflow activity, you would actually have to attach the TFSBuildService.exe process to get information from your custom activity’s .DLL if that makes any sense.  Whether it was in the GAC shouldn’t matter.


Question 3: Someone is in a 2008 environment. (VS and TFS).  They want to know if they could use the IntelliTrace command line executable to gather data in their application that they are testing.  Obviously they aren’t testing via MTM.

The answer is, yes you can gather collection in this fashion.  You will need VS 2010 Ultimate to be able to view the IntelliTrace information though.

I want to thank Ed Blankenship, Brian Keller, Brian Randell, Mark Groves, and Larry Guger for their quick input into these questions.

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