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I decided to join in on the fad and perform a dual boot installation of Windows 7 RTM on my laptop with Windows XP.  I am working on a project with a pretty tight timeline so installing from scratch was way too risky.  I took the advice from some of my co-workers and went for the dual boot option by creating a partition using Acronis Disk Director in which to install the new OS.  I created a 30 GB partition and started installing with the DVD that was created from the ISO.  The installation was super smooth.  I ran through it with the defaults and was finished in no time as compared to other Windows OS installations.  When I started installing my other tools I kept getting a message that the disk was corrupted and that chkdsk needed to be run to repair the problem. 

After encountering the corrupt disk error a couple of times, I realized that something needed to be done differently.  In reading through some forums the message that stood clear was that I needed to let the installation format the target drive instead of relying on a third party tool.  I started moving more files over from my XP partition to the new partition and used EASEUS Partition Master to extend my Windows 7 drive.  I have been running for a couple of days and have not had any issues other than problems installing SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition and a problem installing Visio 2007.  I ran Visual Studio 2008 and Office 2007 all day today with no problems.  To recap here is what was successful for me:

  • Create a drive partition for the new OS with a 3rd party tool (or you could use Vista Drive Manager)
  • Run through the installation formatting the target drive
  • Install your programs
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I have the same problem. Installed Windows 7 RTM (64 bit) on a laptop that also has XP. I created and formatted the partition using Acronis Disk Manager. Today I started getting disk corruption errors. Chkdsk tried to fix them, but they kept appearing.

I'm going to reinstall now, this time letting Windows 7 do the formatting of the partition. Hope it works....
Left by Leon Zandman on Sep 22, 2009 10:50 AM

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