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Here I am after a week of putting Windows 7 to the test while working frantically on a tight timeline project and am happy to say that all is well.  It has crashed a time or two and I still cannot install Visio 2007 or SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition, but I am still pleased.  It seems to be faster than XP and I quickly got the hang of using the UI and the search feature.  There are quite a few handy conveniences that will make life easier such as the RDP client has a recently used list.  I went ahead and joined the Beta program for Visio 2010 so I don’t have to deal with the Visio problem.  Unfortunately, I have not found a way to install SQL 2008.  I am working around it for now with Visual Studio server explorer, VS.NET database edition, and remoting to one of the SQL servers on the LAN.  Overall, I am glad that I made the switch, but I am definitely going to keep my dual boot XP OS readily available just in case.

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Hello Mike,
I wonder what is the problem occuring during the installaion of SQL2008. I've not yet installed SQL on RTM version of the Win7. Do you have problems on RTM or was it on RC?
Since the CTP versions I liked the new face of Windows, win7.
Left by Windows7 on Aug 25, 2009 7:38 PM

# re: A Week Later and Still Using Windows 7
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It is Win 7 RTM. From what I am gathering from my coworkers past experiences during installations, this is likely caused by installing VS.NET 2008 fully first before installing SQL 2008. They say that you must get SQL Server setup first and then VS. I will likely start over again once this project is over. Until then, I am doing just fine using VS.NET Server Explorer and SQL tools on another machine.
Left by MikeHuguet on Aug 30, 2009 2:27 PM

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