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.NET Hobbyist Programmer Staying Confused in a Busy World June 2004 Entries
Nautical Terminology: Listless
When people are listless, we consider their "get up and go" has "got up and went." They are marked by having low spirits, showing no enthusiasm, or lacking zest or vivacity. When a ship is listless, she is sitting still and perfectly upright in the water. (Technically, “list” is a static measurement of the ship's angle from being upright while stationary with no external forces. Dynamic forces that cause a ship to move from an upright position create what is referred to as “heel” ......

Posted On Wednesday, June 30, 2004 7:59 PM

At-Home Training Course for Naval Officers
It took a bit of extra time, but I have completed my EDR programming mission. Now back to the regularly scheduled blog. My previous effort at simulating Navy life was mostly oriented towards the enlisted experience. Today I got a reasonable simulation of the different jobs that officers hold onboard U.S. Navy ships. Now this is oriented towards Surface Warfare Officers, but you'll get the idea. All you have to do to become a Surface Warfare Officer is complete the at-home training curriculum in the ......

Posted On Wednesday, June 30, 2004 5:39 PM

When Real Life Intrudes
It has been awhile since I blogged last, but it turns out the real life took precedence. In my case, there was some official and personal travel as well as an illness that sapped me and took all my energy away. Happily, I am on the mend now. I managed to get a little bit done on the EDR, but still have more work ahead of me. I am writing a support program to display the characteristic curves of electrical fuses. The worst is behind me now that I have wrangled the data into a usable form. I hate doing ......

Posted On Sunday, June 20, 2004 12:00 PM

Application.Exit vs. Environment.Exit
While refining my unhandled exception handler code, I wandered into this question. What is the real difference between the following three statements: System.Environment.Exit(-1) System.Windows.Forms.Applic... End ' Visual Basic only They can all get you to where you want to go, application shutdown, but when is each appropriate? There is a brief bit buried in the C# FAQ. Looking through the Microsoft help is not particularly helpful, but it does give you the rigorous description of what ......

Posted On Sunday, June 6, 2004 1:40 PM

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