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...unless you cannot avoid it --- or, where once again I learn that marketing is all about location, location, location....

In early October, the wife and I took a trip to Epcot at Walt Disney World here in Orlando.  We are season pass holders, so this was an easy thing and we enjoy it.  It was very warm then, so we took some extra bottles of milk for the kid to eat.  Little did we know she would be a hungry little spud.  Faced with the prospect of a potential hungry, screaming, irritated child, we did what every resourceful parent would do --- we bought an additional supply of that precious cold liquid which would calm the empty tummy of our child.

After a brief search, I purchased a 1/2-pint carton for $1.38 (there was $0.09 in tax) from a cheerful girl named Delila.  Now, it takes 16 of those 1/2-pint cartons to make a gallon.  Using the extended cost, they sold that milk for $22.08 per gallon.  Sigh.  Our milk is normally less than $3 per gallon at the moment.

Oh, the costs of keeping a child happy.

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2004 6:56 PM & Etc. , Personal | Back to top

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