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Update: You are now too late.  It took Microsoft five days, but they have finally removed the download file and the page linked below.  Sorry.  You may want to try the Google search linked below to find someone who has it posted elsewhere.

After corporate security types screamed, Microsoft pulled the download of their Private Folder 1.0 installer.  More accurately, they pulled the web pages that pointed to the file, but, for the moment, left it posted on their download server.  You can find it using this Google search (now down around 20th place, it is the one with a gibberish title) and directly via this link.  If you are interested, download fast.

For info, Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 lets users “protect your private data when your friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account. With this tool, you will get one password protected folder called ‘My Private Folder’ in your account to save your personal files.” The software requires Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Professional Edition or Media Center Edition with SP2 to run and does not come with any product support.

It appears Microsoft missed a download page, though.

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2006 6:12 PM Software | Back to top

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