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Great links for MSBuild

Overview of MSBuild, Part 1: From a Project Author's Perspective ("Longhorn" Technical Articles)
Presents the new Microsoft build engine (MSBuild), shows how to write your own project file, and digs into how it integrates with Visual Studio 2005 (formerly code-named "Whidbey").
Overview of MSBuild, Part 3: What Is the Limit to Extensibility? ("Longhorn" Technical Articles)
Describes MSBuild's support of Visual Studio solution files and explains how the extensible logger mechanism can be used to write rich build tools. Part 3 of a three-part series.
Download details: MSBuild Preview Quickstart Tutorials
The MSBuild team provides several tutorials on MSBuild, each of which includes sample projects and documentation.
Download details: Visual Studio 2005 - MSBuild
During this episode, Alex Kipman shows how to fundamentally alter the Visual Studio build process with the new build platform for Microsoft: MSBuild.
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