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What is Microsoft SharedView (Beta)? image

SharedView is a service that allows communication across firewalls with no IT involvement, and runs on Vista, XP SP2, and Windows 2003 Server.  It is designed for ad hoc meetings, either face to face or remote (users are in different physical locations).  SharedView also provides integration into Office applications and Windows Live Messenger.

It's essentially a free "LiveMeeting Light"

What is Microsoft Windows Meeting Space? image

Windows Meeting Space is an application based on new technologies built into Vista, and therefore requires Vista. Meeting Space is designed for face to face meetings, typically in a conference room where a projector is not available.  Meeting Space also works primarily inside the firewall, and requires IT involvement (on both sides) to bridge firewalls. 

What is the difference between the two products?

While Windows Meeting Space and SharedView provide similar functionality, they do not work together because they are based on different communication technologies.

The user experience is intentionally similar to make it easy for users to transition between the two.  Users can choose which application to use based on their environment and situation. 

Personally, I love SharedView. It's a great alternative to LiveMeeting, and it's free, which is even better. You can download by clicking this link, Microsoft SharedView. It's not a powerhouse like LiveMeeting, but it does let you show your screen to up to 15 other people.

One of the coolest things is that everyone gets their own "personal mouse pointer" with their name hanging off it. You can actually see what someone is referring to when they are talking, which I think is a great feature.

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