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A couple of days ago I got 'challenged' by an ex-colleague over a question which I least expected. By the way, that ex-colleague isn't a technical person. It got me thinking. I was asked a very simple 'IT' question. Here's an example of how the conversation goes. For obvious reasons, let's just call the person my 'ex-colleague' 

Ex-colleague: Can I ask you an IT question?

Nestor: ?

Ex-colleague: I installed Vista

Nestor: and?

Ex-colleague: How come I can't find my XP?

Nestor: ...

Nestor: that's hard to answer...

Nestor: It's like, you sold your old car for a new one, and now while you're driving your new car, you wonder where is your old car?

Ex-colleage: oh...

Funny as it seems, questions like that tend to hint to the technical group on just how insignificant something as important as Vista can appear to the general non-tech people.

I guess technical firms/people tend to put efforts on marketing/selling the technically cool stuffs and neglect the outreach onto the non-tech people. We all know that Vista isn't an XP application (it's an entire OS meant to replace XP, if you haven't know already). I'm sure that 90% of the world knows what Vista is, I'm still surprise there're still people who doesn't, or even heard of it for that matter. The interesting, and often hard to accomplish thing, that technology firms/people often do is to have a well balanced marketing/selling strategy that can create interest to the minority technical geeks, and still able to penetrate the general greater majority of the world who isn't technically trained or inclined. It is very hard to 'coolise' products, let alone creating desires within people.

The general public often need products which are simple, cool and easy to understand, like a highly interactive UI (think MACs) or something fashionable (think IPods) before it can grab people's attention. I guess it doesn't really matter if the product can spin planet Earth the other way round, as long as it look good, works reasonably well and had a no-brainer UI, the non-technical person will still choose that product over its highly featured and of superior quality's competitor.

In my honest opinion, that's how our world operates today.

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