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This post is written entirely in Windows Live Writer. Now this is the way blogging ought to be done. Since not everyone is fortunate enough to have Office 2007 sitting on their office desktop, Windows Live Writer comes as an excellent alternative. However, before you can get it up and running, there're some simple set up steps to follow to configure for Geekswithblogs

Step 1
Download Windows Live Writer from here. After installing, open it and you'll be greeted with a setup wizard. Choose another weblog service and click Next

Step 2
Next you will have to specify your blog url, along with your username and password. Edit the proxy setting if you need to, then click Next.

Step 3
Here you be asked to select the weblog provider. Choose Custom (Metaweblog API) for geekswithblogs. Under "Remote posting URL for your weblog", type in, and click Next. Windows Live Writer will then download the necessary.



Step 4
After downloading, you should see the completed settings page.


Step 5
After the completion you will be able to start posting text into your account. However, since Geekswithblogs doesn't support images, you will need to configure an FTP account to host images. Go to Weblog -> Edit Weblog Settings -> Next, and you will be prompt for images upload settings. Choose "Upload images to an FTP server" and click Next.


Step 6
Configure your FTP account and click Next.



Subsequently, just open Windows Live Writer, write your blog and insert your images. When you're done, click "Publish" and everything will be uploaded and mapped accordingly. Kudos to Microsoft for such convenience!

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