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Okay, so I need to write a post that will impress upon the fine folks at Channel 9, including Jeff, why I need to get a free trip to this year’s PDC. Well, I should start with the obvious, I cannot spring for the conference fee, airfare and hotel myself. And even though my new employer seems to be awesome, I am not in a development discipline, so I cannot see them footing the bill either. So I am left to throw myself at the mercy of Microsoft.

Now, I am not a developer. Okay, you’re not exactly helping your cause Chris. I am an Infrastructure Architect. I have always wanted to be a developer. Is that any better? I love Longhorn. I wish I had the time to do some fantastic video, podcast or blogcast about why I should be chosen to go to the PDC05. I am a blogging nut and an aspiring developer. I follow a lot of developer issues and know a lot of development theory, I just cannot code. I would be a tireless PDC05 blogger constantly covering the going-ons and events. In fact, I would do many things to go. I am bald. In fact, I bare a passing resemblance to the Channel 9 Guy. Well, I don't have four pegs coming out of the top of my head. I could wear a PDC05 Flair tattoo on my dome all during the conference. Walking around helping evangelize Longhorn and soaking up lots of developer knowledge. On the practical side, I do a lot of Sharepoint work, and rumour has it a lot of new Sharepoint info will be at PDC05. I am looking forward to that.

So this wraps up my plea for a trip to PDC05. My fate now rests in your hands. Be gentle. Be generous. And I hope to see everyone at PDC05.


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