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I have used Offline Files and Folders, Second Copy and others to keep my data syncronized between multiple machines. Especially since I use a laptop and am always moving from one location to another in my role as a consultant. I was glad to see Microsoft released a free “power toy” called SyncToy to keep my files in line. I have not used it yet, and will post more when I do, but Omar has a good overview of it here. And you can't beat the price. People have groused in the past about Microsoft developing add-ins for their OS that in the past were always left to third parties to do. I love it, however, when this does happen. I find they are well written, very functional, and of course, very OS compatable. Next up Microsoft, I need you to develop an offline blog posting tool a la BlogJet. Posted on Friday, August 5, 2005 10:08 AM | Back to top

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All features seem to work as stated. However, when using the echo mode, I find that the files deleted from the original left folder are not deleted from the corresponding file on the right. Anyone knows how to make it work?
Left by David Tu on Jan 06, 2006 9:54 AM

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