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I have been tagged as part of the "Five Things You Don't Know About Me" meme making its rounds in the blogosphere. You get "tagged" and then you tell five things about yourself others may not know. Once you are finished you "tag" five other bloggers and on it goes. My friend Kevin has tagged me so here goes:

  1. Like Kevin, computing was not my first career choice. I was a talented artist as a youth and not knowing much about how to make a living as an artist I decided I would become an Architect. Like most right-brain dominated creative's, I am sorely lacking in left-brain functions; specifically, mathematics. Once I discovered that Architecture was more than drawing pretty pictures of buildings and required serious amounts of math I moved on. I then moved on to Civil Engineering out of pure ignorance for the field of study. I thought I could draw more pretty pictures of buildings and structures. Let's just say the mathematical requirements are even steeper than that of Architect. And I didn't want to design sewers or highways in the end. I then stumbled across Graphic Designer and Illustrator. This is much more what I had in mind! I then proceeded to get my BFA in Visual Communication Design (illustration concentration - I like to draw pictures more than arrange typefaces in a pleasing way) from the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio. I transitioned in to the world of IT during my first job out of college creating art on a Mac. Desktop Publishing was just taking off and I spent many hours a day in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and what was then Aldus PageMaker. However, I found a had the ability to intuitively fix everyone's problems when their Macs went bad. I was soon elevated from digital artist to desktop technology support! From there my positions increased in skill and scope involving primarily Microsoft technologies. An IT computer geek was born! Like Kevin also alluded to, making a living in IT is much sweeter as opposed to making a living in the arts in the Midwest. My family has food and a roof over their heads!
  2. I also have a highly musical side. No I am not a singer - although I could be if God had given me a voice (I personally call this a cruel joke as I love to sing but cannot carry a note - I think - my wife could be lying). I play the drums. I started in college (Mom would never let me have drums) and played for about ten years. I was in a couple of bands that have never had a claim to fame.
  3. I like to drive fast and I hate to wear a seatbelt. Don't ask me why. My wife has been working me over since we met and I am now up to wearing a seatbelt about 50% of the time. I cannot figure out why I don't always strap the thing on - I just don't. I did have to finally make a conscience effort to curb my leadfoot as the points on my license were getting close to impacting my ability to drive to work! My new car is a Pontiac Vibe. By the time it gets up to 90 MPH I forgot why I wanted to drive fast in the first place!
  4. I have had the good fortune to travel to many interesting places around the world as part of my many jobs in IT. I love to travel and this gives me the opportunity to see new places and meet new people that I wouldn't normally get the chance to meet. I have been to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Hong Kong. In a few short weeks I will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time.
  5. I have the most amazing family that puts up with all the crap that having me for a father and husband entails. I have the most wonderful wife a man could ask for (even though she doesn't read my blog) and four amazing and gifted children: Gabriel (11), Trevor (8), Jessica (6) and Victoria (3). They keep me on my toes, keep me young and keep me amazed. They also give me the opportunity to occasionally act like a kid myself!

And now the hardest part of this whole exercise is trying to figure out who to tag next! I tag Long Zheng, Betsy, Brian, Paul and Jeff.


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