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Let's say we have to implement simple scenario:


Fact.A equal N


Create new Fact. (Where fact is some .NET type, for instance BusinessObject)


In Business Rules Composer (BRC) we would use Assert() function with fact's type initializer as parameter: simply drug and drop BusinessObject constructor from class browser onto Assert’s argument placeholder.

Following this logic in BRE API one would do the same as we do for regular class members, i.e.:

//- create class binding

ClassBinding cbBO = new ClassBinding(typeof(BusinessObject));

//- create member binding (to constructor)

ClassMemberBinding cmbBO_ctor = new ClassMemberBinding("BusinessObject", cbBO);


//- conditions and rule creation omitted for brevity


//- assert new instance in the memory as a result of rule execution

actions.Add(new Assert(new UserFunction(cbmBO_ctor)));


This compiles but won’t work! Exception will be thrown that class member BusinessObject is not found. The trick is BRC uses CreateObject function under the hood for constructor invocation rather than regular member binding. And this function is not shown in the Rule Composer. So all of the above can be replaced with the following line:


actions.Add(new Assert(new CreateObject(typeof(BusinessObject))));


Of course, if you want to do something with newly asserted fact you still need to have class and appropriate member bindings for that.

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