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The signal-to-noise ratio is still increasing. Our old habits of searching will soon fail.

There are several new search engines out to make our search more personalized and thus give us a better search experience.

You are probably aware of Yahoo's MyWeb 2.0 , PersonalizedGoogle , IndividualGoogle and Microsoft

But did you know about and tried Rollyo and Filangy.

Rollyo allows you to take your favorite urls and create a search engine that only searches those domains

Filangy remembers every page you visit and allows instantaneous bookmarking while you visit a page. When you use Filangy to search, you can limit it to either search pages you've been on before or pages you've bookmarked.

Last but not least I encourage to check out Dan Gottlieb's miniSearch engine. It allows you to pick any number of tags and search within them.

There are probably a lot of other great and interesting projects out there, trying to make searching a more personalized experience. If you know about other good projects please leave a comment!

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 9:26 PM Misc | Back to top

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