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Hmmm... So, after my first encounter with TFS and some more reading on the stuff I have to say I was impressed! I did what any developer in his right mind would do - decided to take it for a ride on a small internal project which has a team size of around 5 people.

But by the time I had got through the basic problems which I described in my post “Encounter with Foundation Server” I had already created for myself and my team 2 Zombie Projects which were lurching somewhere “out there”. What had basically happened was I had tried creating the projects with my desired names and the project creation had failed becuase of the problem I described in the above post. Cutting a long story short I had just had project creation that had failed and hadn't rolled back, so when I tried creating new projects TFS wouldn't let me (becuase the project already existed!) and when I tried deleting the project using TFSDeleteProject.exe, it wouldn't let me delete the project (becuase the project didn't exist... well, the project 'kindda existed' :))

The Fix was a little tricky - basically I had to do stuff TFS hadn't been able to complete before it failed in the project creation process (e.g. create a sharepoint site with the project name, create a reporting service folder with the project name) and once I was done the project started 'existing' for team foundation server and TFSDeleteProject.Exe finally worked! Here's a blog post which provides more details on the above process.

So, for now things look good - and I love every new feature I come accross! We're checking in, checking out and rolling on! Cheers!

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:41 PM Quick Tips And Solutions | Back to top

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