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I’ve been reading a LOT lately, mostly during my commute. I’ve been a MP3 Audio Book guy for the past few months but nothing beats reading. So, lately I’ve been accompanied by my 1.5 year old Tungsten E reading on my way home and to office.


The T/E has shown some battery drain issues last week. I had nothing to do this Saturday, (practically half of my family is out holidaying) so, I decided to waste some time trying to investigate what I can do about the battery drain issue the gadget has been showing.


Here are some basic guidelines which are quite easy to figure out:

  1. Keep the Auto Beam feature off. That’s the major power eater.
  2. Keep the Backlight display brightness to a minimum (more on this follows).
  3. At times even External Launchers eat battery (I learnt this on some posts) – so I’m going to try disabling ZLauncher for some time on my Tungsten and see what happens.
  4. This one was hard to believe and I read it in an unofficial blog, so don’t quote me on this one – the T/E ACTUALLY consumes more batter if you have more applications loaded! Phew! I’m going to uninstall the ones I don’t need and find out if this is true.
  5. SD cards in slots eat battery! I couldn’t Google any information on this but this IS a personal experience. I’ve actually seen the battery consumption increase considerably when the card is plugged into the PDA. So, I’ve been pondering with the idea of removing the card when I’m not using it.

Cool Tools to Hack your PDA and give you more Battery Life:

  1. SilkDimmer – This thing gives you “COMPLETE” control over your backlight brightness. (Notice the word complete in caps. It was intended.) The control this thing offers is more than what the Palm OS gives you. You can practically switch your backlight display off and still run the PDA (wouldn’t recommend that, but you technically could) if you wanted to or set it to ANY value you like – even below the lowest value the Palm OS allows you.
  2. LightSpeed – This allows you to under-clock our PDA processor and is practically the only over-clock / under-clock utility out there. It also solves the problem with the noisey screens some guys have complained about. (I've never faced this problem). No doubt the makers are expecting to make some money out of it and it’s NOT Open source or free like SilkDimmer.
    For now they are giving a Beta free which once in a while, pops up a Message every now and then when I am starting applications. I under-clocked my Acrobat Reader to 48 and it seems to be working fine. Under-clocking a 3rd party chess to a very low speed however, produced BAD results and I had to wait for 5 minutes (literally) before it would render the screen, drawing parts of the screen at a time. The good thing here however, is that you can control clock speed on a per application basis!

So, with all this set I’m hoping the T/E gives a better battery life and I don’t see an unexpected drain anytime soon!


If you’ve goggled to this page I can’t tell you for now, if all / some of the above tips work – but I’ll update this post as soon as the T/E stands the test of life this Monday during a “normal” business day.


Upate: Looks like some (or most) of the above tips worked. My Battery “seems” to be giving a MUCH longer hold.

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THX very much for info :)
Left by Shinji on Jun 21, 2008 9:12 PM

# re: Hack your Tungsten-E to improve it's Battery life!
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hmm.. I guess I will try these tips with my dad's old tungsten E .. Nice infos
Left by shien on Oct 14, 2008 11:40 PM

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