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Rajiv Popat blog September 2006 Entries
Free Tools To Magnify Your Screen / Parts of it in Real Time (For Creative Guys / Designers and Guys who want to Magnify stuff during presentations).
A Few days ago I had a discussion with a person from our creative team who informed me about (and liked) the fact that in MAC you could just zoom in and magnify any part of your screen in real-time. This was one feature I could use during technical presentations as well. So I decided to go searching for some free tools that let me do this same thing in windows and met a whole throng of free tools that let me do this. Here are the best two that I came across: ......

Posted On Monday, September 11, 2006 12:19 AM

Back To The Basics And Beyond! Generic Methods and Multiple Constraints.
A couple of days ago I was asked if there was any way by which I could overload a method to "return" more than one type. If I was in a class room, or I was teaching a programming class (I've done that for some part of my life :)) my instant answer would have been "No." And then I would have proceeded to explain why the whole idea was not valid in the Object Orientation world. However, this question was not coming from a high school student. In all probabilities it was coming based on a practical ......

Posted On Saturday, September 9, 2006 1:14 PM

Nullable Types, What does int followed by Question-mark (int?) Mean? What's with the Double Question Marks and Other Syntaxes?
I first read about Nullable Types around 6 months or so ago. Since I last heard about / used Nullable types, I had completely forgotten about the syntaxes and was completely stumped when I was asked what "int? x" meant by a couple of guys at work. I'll not Blog about the basic concepts of Nullable Types here. I think this MSDN Article does a particularly good job at it. What I'll Blog how ever is the basic syntax which is so darn confusing at times that I've read about it once, seen it getting used ......

Posted On Saturday, September 9, 2006 6:43 AM

Auto-complete in Dos (Hitting Tab to Complete Directory / File Names in CMD.EXE), Does Not Work!
Besides being a DotNet developer I've spent some part of my life (3 odd months) in the past, being a Linux Administrator. Every guy in the Linux world loves the bash Auto-complete feature. The part where you type the partial name of file or directory and hit the tab button and the console completes the typing of the entire file / directory name for you. I just think it's Natural (and super cool) for an OS to be able to reduce the number of clicks (or keystrokes, for that matter) and help you get ......

Posted On Saturday, September 9, 2006 4:41 AM

Transactions, Identity Columns and Foreign Key Constraint Errors - The Chicken Egg Situation
I faced this problem while using NetTires which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to quickly generate a Data Access Layer using Microsoft Enterprise Library without having to do the grunt work and writing boilerplate Data Access Code. In my efforts to not digress from the Topic I am going to keep some other data access mechanisms that I've used in the past out of the scope of this post and just state that NetTires is a Decent enough Data Access Mechanism I am currently in love with and am using ......

Posted On Friday, September 8, 2006 1:18 PM

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