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MS has some work to do making the "Consolidate Free Space" option more useful--it'd be nice if virtual pc could recognize different file systems to know what was free space and what wasn't.

In an MS world, not knowing this is fine--just defrag (consolidate free space), zero fill the free space with any number of programs on the market (like BCWipe), and your fine.

With non-ms OS's this becomes a little more difficult.

I have a Suse Linux 10.1 guest with Oracle 10g loaded because I need snapshot in time ability--i.e. load data, and then revert back to what it was right before I loaded it.

However, one of my co-workers was loading the data and filled up my hard drive because the wrong stuff was loaded.  Now I have a virtual hard disk that I can't shrink because NO defragmenting utilities exist for ReiserFS (linux doesn't need defragmentation--right . . .).  I'm zero wiping the free space and hoping for the best.  Ah--shoot--scratch that--the wiping of free space is increasing the file size.  So much for that idea!  Guess I get to reload.

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