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We installed Collabnet as our subversion server recently.  This is the first time that we’ve used it.  In general, it seems pretty good, but we ran into a problem with it.  People were getting the following error in Tortoise:

OPTIONS of ’https://xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxx/svn/xxxxx’: SSL handshake failed: SSL error code – 1/1/336032856 (https://xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxx)

The odd thing is that for some people, it worked, for others, it didn’t!  I also couldn’t find anything useful out on the internet.

We had checked the Subversion Server should serve via https option in the settings, and all of the ports were open, etc. This option causes a self signed certificate to be used.

What we discovered:

Tortoise must use the same url as is in the Hostname field on the General settings for collabnet or you’ll get this error.  Basically, some people were using https://svn.xxxxxxx.xxxxx and others were using https://computername.xxxxxxxx.xxxx.  Because the host name said used the computer name version, the whole thing broke.  By changing the host name to the svn version, which is what they should be using, the problem went away.  The users do get the “Accept Certificate” prompt, but we can live with that!

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