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Timeline of a User Group Web site

  • Day 1: Yahoo groups
  • Year 1: Secure a domain and post some static html pages
  • Year 1.5: Upgrade .html pages to .aspx pages (still static, but looks a little better in the url)
  • Year 3: Upgrade to the Club Starter Kit
  • Year 3, + 1 day: Prepare to enhance the web app

----------    and here we remain, largely because sharing source code among UG member is not easy - then we discovered Microsoft Groove 2007.

In one evening, several members of the UG installed Groove and began collaborating (without a server).  Important things came first:

  • Chat
  • Enter our birthdays
  • Draw a picture with the sketch pad (and destroy each other's art work)
  • Chess
  • Then one member created a File Sharing workspace for the ASP.NET web site solution.  Within 10 minutes all members had a copy of the source code.  Several of us made changes at the same time and Groove kept everyone in sync and informed that changes were being made.  Now one person is in charge of syncing with the Web site, but we can all work on the solution (even when offline) and sync up with no problem.

(One note: You do have to lessen the security.  By default, Groove does not allow certain file types, such as .aspx, .vb.  Check under Security - Options fromt he Launch Bar).


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