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Congrats to my friend and mentor Chris Williams on publication of his article on Twitterverse in the most recent issue of CoDe magazine.  Not only is Chris great, the magazine's great and yes -- Twitter is great too.  If you haven't yet joined a tribe or become a tweep; read Chris's article. 

My addition to Chris's article:

If you haven't tried Twitter -- you're missing out.  I'm new to Twitter -- less than 1 month.  Friends had been telling me for a long time to try it out.  In fact, Chris probably has asked me since the day Twitter launched!  I figured, I don't blog as I intend; why add something else to my list of things I won't do.  But then, I attended a UG Leader Summit in North Carolina.  During the entire summit; everyone in the room (except me) was twittering (and chuckling).  I began to realize I was missing out on something. 

One Friday afternoon, I joined.  Andrew, my DE,  warned me that very day -- Twitter can be addictive.  Yes, it can but it can also be beneficial.  Not only can you follow other geeks; you can follow organizations such as a particluar Code Camp or User Group.  You can even follow Community Megaphone.  It's fun to tweet -- but even more fun to follow.  So cool.

Tweeting is a great way to grow a community.  Here are several benefits of user group leaders (and members) tweeting:

  • You keep up with what's going on in other user groups in your region
  • You keep up with what your DE knows (and doesn't know -- like how to wire his garage)
  • You grow friendships with the folks you only see at Code Camps
  • You get help when you run your local Code Camp
  • You know when the Code Camps are before they are officially announced

Twitter does have technical information or requests for help; but I still find blogs better for that.  Tweeting for the community, 140 characters at a time, has turned out to be way more beneficial and FUN than I imagined. 



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