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RV.NUG First Quarter 2009 Has Been Scheduled
Roanoke Valley .NET User Group meetings and events for the first quarter of 2009 has been scheduled. For more details visit January Meeting - Thursday, 1/8/2009 Justin Etheridge, founder of Richmond Meet and Code Dinners, Senior Consultant at Dominion Digital, will walk you through an ASP.NET MVC application. February Meeting - Thursday, 2/5/2009 Joel Cochran, RV.NUG Member extraordinaire presents, "Going beyond Hello World: Developing real world WPF applications using Blend and Visual ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 23, 2008 4:42 PM

Holiday Eating Tips
I received this in an email from a friend (thanks Bret!); I enjoyed it so much I had to blog it. Merry Christmas! HOLIDAY EATING TIPS 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls. 2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. It's rare. You can't find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that it has 10,000 calories ......

Posted On Monday, December 15, 2008 10:13 AM

Starting a User Group - Part 1
A user group officer has referred a friend to me -- his friend wants to start a user group and does not know where to begin. The three of us are going to work together to get a group up and running. I will blog my advice, the acutal steps (and notes on what works and what doesn't). Phase 1: In this phase, we're going to start planning and create the user group. The group must exist before you can do anything else (promote it, recruit speakers etc). Find one enthused person that wants to spearhead ......

Posted On Friday, December 12, 2008 10:37 AM

RV.NUG and RVSPUG Combined meeting
December user group meeting we combined the Roanoke Valley .NET User Group and Roanoke VAlley SharePoint User Group into one meeting. Kudos to Kevin Israel for addressing an audeince that is: 50% SharePoint Admins that do not know .NET 50% .NET Develoeprs that have never seen SharePoint He lived up to the promise of providing contnet for all. Quick overview of SharePoint OTB, SharePoint Object Model and SharePoint Services and then a demo in C#. Might have to do this again sometime before next December. ......

Posted On Thursday, December 4, 2008 7:42 PM

MVP Live Search Challenge
Steve Ballmer raised the Search Challenge to MVPs at 2008 Summit, with the words, “I’m going to ask you one week switch your default, one week. At the end of the week…I’ll want feedback, how was your week, what happened, what did you like, what didn’t you like … Can I make that deal with you? (Cheers and applause.) That’s the deal.” I was there, I agreed, so here goes... I'm giving up Google and going to use Live Search for one week. For one week I have the opportunity to provide feedback every time ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 2, 2008 7:52 AM

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