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Got up last Thursday only to see my laptop recyling thru the Windows Start Up screen. After some investigation, I've determined the hard drive is about to go. The system won't boot up, but I have gotten access to the hard drive by using an adapter to plug it into a USB port. I have been able to get all the critical data off it. I found standing the ......

A few hours after updating all the Microsft fixes on the machine I thought I had brought back to life, the video display started behaving badly again. I now believe it is probably hardware as it screws up even in the native - bios update mode (ie, bypassing the windows drivers).

Oh well, it WAS fun while it lasted.

Just spent several hours working on my neighbors Dell 8200 laptop. He had recently installed a new video driver because the screen was doing some funny stuff. Then the machine died. He went to Costco to buy a new one, but they didn't have it in stock. I told him not to give up on the current one until I at least looked at it. Turned out the battery ......

Just started working on upgrading an existing application from .NET 1. and MapXtreme 6.2 to .NET 2.0 and MapXtreme 6.6. Doesn't appear to be a straight-forward process, and most likey will turn into a full blown effort to make it happen. Just time and money...

I have begun looking into putting together a declaritive program development framework after listening to Miguel Castro's Polymorphic Podcast. More in the not too distant future.

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