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Got up last Thursday only to see my laptop recyling thru the Windows Start Up screen. After some investigation, I've determined the hard drive is about to go. The system won't boot up, but I have gotten access to the hard drive by using an adapter to plug it into a USB port. I have been able to get all the critical data off it. I found standing the drive on its side and rocking it a little allowed the data to come flowing out.

Went to the store and bought a 160gb Seagate drive and spent the last 2 days loading all the software on it. Close to done now. One nice thing I found is that my laptop can actually recognize the 160GB drive. It's an HP Pavillion that I bought 2 years ago. This is the third hard drive failure, but I bought the extended warranty on it. One more failure and they can give me a new machine.

Through this whole process I keep reminding myself to write down all the keys to install the software. Maybe if you read this, you'll take note: "KEEP THE SOFTWARE AND KEYS IN A SAFE PLACE" so if something like this happens to you, you will have an easier time than me. Also, "BACK UP YOUR DRIVE REGULARLY". Most of my important stuff (pictures, music, documents, etc) is backed up, but there are times when I just don't get a round to it. Fortunately I got thru this one.

Towards the end of my rebuild, I decided to load up the new Inernet Explorer (version 7). What a mistake. Seems to be very buggy. After 20 minutes of screwing with it, I removed it from my machine. I normally use Firefox for evreything except those web sites that require IE. Guess I will stay that way for a while longer. Posted on Sunday, October 22, 2006 10:16 AM | Back to top

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