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Response to A Deleted Response to a TFS Blog Post


Recently a friend of mine wrote a post about having his comments deleted from a post. It has caused a bit of a controversy because both of them are MVPs.


Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait here. Seriously.

Some people have said it was a bad thing that he wrote the post. I personally think he did a very good thing. At times it is very important to hold people accountable for something you believe in.  While it’s not always the popular stance, it’s great to see people do the ethical thing no matter what the expense (even though we are only talking losing followers, readers, web presence, etc. in this case – it’s still very commendable).


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# re: Response to A Deleted Response to a TFS Blog Post

Deleting a comment is one thing, but I believe that the email you were sent was not intended for public view - so it's a tie. Note that the email you got contained the somewhat geeky <grin /> moniker after the consultant/money comment, which could indicate many things (including a "joke") - clearly not intended as a public comment.

Comparing TFS to GIT or SVN is the real problem, in my opinion. Compare GIT and SVN to each other, and leave TFS to compare with something like ClearCase.

In shops that could benefit from TFS, it is clearly the better tool than GIT/SVN. I shops that cannot, then SVN/GIT are clearly better. It's like comparing a pick-up truck to a passenger car - which one is better? You guys may be arguing the gray area in-between (25-person shop with medium-sized 6-month project).
8/4/2009 5:52 AM | Bill

# re: Response to A Deleted Response to a TFS Blog Post

@Bill: Not me. A friend of mine.
8/4/2009 8:59 PM | Robz

# re: Response to A Deleted Response to a TFS Blog Post


I really was half asleep the morning I left the comment :-) Sorry about that.

I'll have to find a good forum to discuss configuration management tools. Even half-asleep I cannot help saying something...
8/6/2009 5:58 AM | Bill
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