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I really enjoy having my blog hosted on GeeksWithBlogs.  Besides freeing up time from administering my web server at home it's just as easy to post to here as it was on my own machine.

I plan on moving a number of my posts over and at the moment I'm looking to open the posts on my Community Server 2.1 site via Control Panel and then just copy and past the contents into Windows Live Writer.

1. Some of the styles have changed which means some minor edits.

2. Inline images will not be FTP'ed as I won't have my server around for much longer and I don't think that GeeksWithBlogs offer a place to store my images besides the Gallery which I don't want to fill up.

3. Deciding what should be posted on the new site.

Well numbers 1 and 3 are not that hard however what am I suppose to do with the graphics? I went a little graphic-happy when Live Writer came out and how easy it was to have it FTP files automatically.

The 3 options I found that fit my budget of zero dollars were:

1. Google PIcasa -Would have been nice to use as I already have an account setup. Wasn't too sure if their link to picture would be the best fit. Plus I was looking to make this an easy process to get pictures up on the sites.

2. Flickr - This is my current solution as I can use the Flickr4Writer plug-in for Live Writer.

3. PhotoBucket - Seems like all the cool 20-somethings are using PhotoBucket to share images. Since I'm older than D'Arcy I'll choose to find a more mature group to hang with :)

Or I could just start using the Myspace pimping machines like the following: (I imagine Justice will soon be using these on his blog)

It used to be that blinking text was the worse thing you could do to your web page. Nice to see that with all the complaints about it 10+ years ago that we just found new ways to make a mess of our pages.

Oh, back to the question I wanted to ask, anyone have any recommendations for posting pictures to GeeksWithBlogs using Live Writer?

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