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So let's see how it uploading images works. Hey! Look at all the options for working with images. 

In Live Writer select the image and you can choose your border (dropshadow, photopaper, or inherit from blog), add a watermark, and even choose a transformation (b&w, sephia,  emboss, sharpen, and more) 

I'm not North America's favorite metrosexual software consultant nor am I a Cowboy to the waitresses in Montreal but I grabbed the first image I could find and it was one of me.

With a drop shadow -  JasonRow_thumb23

with Photopaper and a watermark -  JasonRow_thumb32

with a color pop transformation -   JasonRow_thumb82


NOTE: From the comments on the original post someone asked how I got the images to upload. I used the FTP option to transfer the files to my server. Live Writer takes care of creating new files from the original sources and will upload them to your FTP server. Make sure your account can create new folders as well as new files on the server as Liver Writer attempts to create separate folders for each posting I believe. Also, when you first create an Account in Live Writer it doesn't give you the option to specify how to upload files (at least it didn't for me). You need to choose Weblog > Edit Weblog Accounts from the menu and then Edit your account. Click the Next button and on the second panel you choose your method for uploading.  Damm this should be a post with images to make it clearer.

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