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I realized that I wasn't getting any e-mail notifications from my blog and started to look into it this evening. I checked the cs_EmailQueue table in the CommunityServer database and noticed a long queue of backlogged messages.

So I started playing around with the settings in CS and got it to the point where the Contact Page would send a message but I still had a lot of messages in the queue that wouldn't send.

I narrowed things down to the EmailFrom colum where an e-mail address wasn't found in the text. See highlight in image below:


Once I replaced "Jason Row's Blog - Automated Email" <> with an address all was fine. The only issue is that this field would only get a properly formatted e-mail address through the Contact Page, comments would still generate the original text. I started looking for a stored procedure that I could edit to insert an addy but then I found that I hadn't filled out the Contact Info setting in the Administration section of my blog. By putting my email address there it would insert it into the text to give "Jason Row's Blog - Automated Email" <email addy>

Image of Contact Info settings


Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 9:22 AM Community Server 2.1 | Back to top

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