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I've only been reading Justice's blog for a few months now and I find both Grey's Matter and Rory's Neopoleon very entertaining. The topics are not always .NET related but the majority are funny.

Just check out some of these for hilarity and learning:

So how do we tell if the up and comer is worthy of toppling the champ. Let's do a rough comparison of the two blogs shall we based on some broad categories.

Category Justice Rory Winner
Hilarity X X This one is a tie, humor abounds in both blogs so it's hard to give one the edge over the other.
Use of Graphics X   Justice - although Rory is famous for his stick figure drawings I'll have to hand this one to Justice with his ability to use Paint.NET to muck with many 80s/90s references that I fondly remember.
Writing Style   X Rory - Rory makes posting into an art and his postings read like a novel/short story/novella. I have to dedicate time to read his postings which is why I'll be joining the ranks of "The Whiners" in listening to his new fangled podcast.
Content X X Another tie. I think that Justice might edge out Rory in this one. Justice has an ability to explain things so his grandmother can understand. Rory's blog is has some very personal postings but you can't deny that Rory does know what he's talking about in regards to software development. I'm leaving this category as a tie.

Now since the entire comparison is all tied up we'll have to go for a tie-breaker.

Category Justice Rory Winner
Links to my blog X   Justice wins this one. Apparently Rory doesn't consider me link worthy but then again I've never asked. For taking the inititive and adding me to his blog Justice proves that he's the poised to reign supreme in the .NET blogging world
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Comments on this post: Is Justice the next Rory of the .NET blogsphere?

# re: Is Justice the next Rory of the .NET blogsphere?
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I love both of them on how they write technical stuff and converting it to mainstream style. I've seen Rory present before and he is a blast(talk about somebody presenting .NETCF while telling a story about his dog).
Left by Keith Rull on Mar 27, 2007 12:55 PM

# re: Is Justice the next Rory of the .NET blogsphere?
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I've only heard Rory on .NET Rocks when he was hosting and haven't seen him present. Maybe once I've seen both of them doing a live presentation I'll add a new category and see if it changes the results.

Thanks for the comment Keith.
Left by Jason Row on Mar 27, 2007 1:12 PM

# re: Is Justice the next Rory of the .NET blogsphere?
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Justice rocks. Way too funny.
Left by John Bristowe on Mar 27, 2007 1:46 PM

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