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Some guys I know here in New Brunswick are planning a massive paintball event called TechWars for the summer of 2007. Part of their info is that it will be 100 acres of forested land, 2 paintball armies with 50 soldiers, 2 days and 1 night of war, and technology to make you drool. 

This isn't going to be the standard woodsball game where guys run out and either kill or be killed. They plan to incorporate some cool technology into the game. X10 cameras, radios, night vision, handheld GPS, etc will all be used. 

What caught my eye was that each team will have a command post that will be supplied with the much of the gear you need as well software and server technologies such as Microsoft Live Communications Server to anchor each network.  I'm willing to give the event a try just to see how they use Live Communications Server in the field.

You can sign up to for the rank of Captain who will be a Technology, Security, and Operations officer. Just like a real battle, if you have the skills to hack the enemy's comm network it's fair game. And if you can, you're able to bring your own unique gear to the event to give your team an extra edge.  I'll probably be a grunt out getting my butt shot off and complaining about poor intel. Still it will be good to get out from behind the desk.


One of their FAQ's made me relax just a bit. I don't have to worry about seasoned paintballers kicking my butt. I should be playing against other techies.

Question: I have been playing paintball on a semi-pro team for nearly 10 years. I am really good and have all my own equipment. Don't you think I will dominate?
Answer: No. We don't want you to come. This event is for the amateur paintball player and for those that love IT and technology. We hope that everyone who comes has played at least once so they know what to expect, but Techwars is designed for the common techie who wants to play. We do not want expert players to come to Techwars. We are striving for an event focused on team building, technology, and camaraderie and relationship building. We don't care if you suck at playing paintball. We welcome it.

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