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Scott Johnson over at the ExtraLife web site linked to this article in Wired, You Grew Up Playing Shoot'em-Up Games. Why Can't Your Kids?

I'm a dad of two young boys now, ages 4.5 years and 19 months. I know I've been pretty cautious about letting them watch me play any games on my XBox 360 or on my PC. I normally play once they go to bed because I really don't want them to see me playing Gears of War, Lost Planet, or GRAW. And the one time that my oldest woke up he snuck downstairs and found me playing Halo 2 online. It made for interesting questions like "Pappa why is that guy laying down on the ground?" which I replied with "Well son, we're playing freeze tag and instead of standing up he has to pretend he's asleep". Ok so not the most honest answer but I really didn't want to get into how I shot the guy on the screen but that he'll respawn to play again.

I'll let him play with Lego first to get the basic idea of good vs evil. The article touches on how Lego thinks that this is an important part of a child's development but the company stays away from today's weapons and instead favor futuristic or historical ones. Which is why they have castles/dragons and lasers/space monsters but no World War 2 sets.

While I do monitor the games my kids see, my oldest has played Cars for the 360 which we rented for him as well as a Tonka Rescue game for the PC. And from these I know it's going to be a tough to limit his gaming and get him outside to play. Just one of the continuing battles for parents today.

But I wish he could play NHL 07 with me ... guess I'll wait a couple more years before we become a formidable team. Oh and don't get me started on XBox Live ... he's not touching that until he's shipped off to university! Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:00 AM Fun Stuff | Back to top

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