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Now this did happen a few years ago but for some reason today it popped back into my mind.

I was having connection problems with my broadband connection. Nothing was working so I called the ISP to see if there was an issue on their end.  They walk me through their usual routine, "is the router plugged in, .... are the lights flashing,  .... is the router connected to the computer, .... etc"  And I know they are just making sure everything is hooked up correctly and this is what I do when I'm on the phone with my family diagnosing their problems.  So we get to the credentials portion, "Are you entering the right username, .... now type in your password and it must be in uppercase but turn off caps lock and hold the LEFT shift key"

Excuse, you want me to hold the left shift key? Umm, why the left shift? 

They actually said it has to be the left shift key and didn't give me any other reason why.  So I say "Very best then" and use the right shift key to enter my password, nope still not working and we eventually figure out there was something on their end.  The problem eventually gets fixed but I have always been left puzzling as to why they would tell people to hold the left shift key?

If they would have told me that the right shift key is more prone to failure so we ask people to use the left, or that MACs only have a left shift key I could have accepted this and moved along but there's this nagging suspicion that I have that there could be some sort of weird, archaic explanation for it and I want to know.

And yes my right shift key worked, I typed the bloody password in the address toolbar to make sure it was coming out properly, nope I wasn't using any proprietary software that could have been catching only the left shift key.

So if anyone might have a explanation for this feel free to leave a comment. Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 10:50 AM Fun Stuff | Back to top

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Now we all get to guess the ISP. Although I suspect the tech support is equally bad no matter who you deal with.
Left by Scott on Apr 25, 2007 2:18 PM

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