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Ok, I've spent 9 years in the IT certifications business, helping people learn the material they need to know in order to pass their Microsoft, Cisco, Comptia, etc exams. I've seen/heard of braindumps, know of companies that offer "exam prep" material which are essentially the real exams but this takes the cake.

This company, PassVantage, will write the bloody exams for you !!  This is unbelievable and makes me sick to think that there's a big enough market for this to be profitable. I've heard that some of the reasons why exam cram companies are not being taken down that fast are because they are located in specific countries where copyright laws are not enforced that strongly but I'd really like to see Cisco and Microsoft tackle this one.  Certs are not used to say you are a competant developer but I hate to see their value plummet even further than they already have.

Just an note: I did give some thought about if I should include the link or not in this posting but really if you wanted to it wouldn't be that hard to find so I left it in. If anyone feels the need to use their services I'm sure the quality of your code will certainly show it.

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