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Last week, has a post on how PureTracks is saying no to DRM. This is the Canadian music download store that I use to buy songs for my Creative MuVo N200 player and they are offering 50,000 songs that are free from DRM. And at .79 cents CND a pop, they're a bit cheaper as well. 

About a month ago, Derek Hatchard was saying something about how the music labels continue to suck ... and while I'll agree that Sony and Universal aren't making many friends it's nice to see some artists like the Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan are thinking about their fans.

Checking through the comments on DownloadSquad, I noticed that had a write-up about this as well but came out stating to "stay away  -- far away" from PureTracks as they were still using DRM on all their music. The director of marketing at PureTracks saw the posting and wrote a great e-mail in response stating that the PureTracks site does in fact have non-DRM MP3s for sale but that their web site was originally geared towards Windows users because of DRM. So they still use ActiveX controls for their Download manager and other parts of the site but they are reworking things to accept purchases by Mac users (which the writer at BoingBoing apparently is).  I thought it was a great balance of technical information with clarification about PureTracks position on non-DRM content. So many companies now days admit nothing is wrong or put out such terrible spin that makes them look so bad (see music labels continue to suck ... link above)

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