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Ok so it's not the Stanley cup but I know lots of guys who grew up playing their own Stanley cup series outside on a frozen pond, lake, river, tennis court, or other piece of frozen water.

I spent the first weekend of February playing in the Miramichi Pond Hockey Tournament in my hometown of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada.

I played on a team with one of my brothers, a cousin, and another guy I play beer league hockey with and we ended up winning the Competitive division!

In the top picture from left to right is: Darren Row(my brother), Mike Row (my cousin), Matt Breen, and me.

This was the third year for the tournament and I've played in all of them so it was a blast to win it.  This year there was 30 inches of ice on the pond and 90+ teams in the various divisions. I was the Wayne Gretzky of the team and my brother was Jari Kurri as I kept feeding him passes while he scored 95 percent of our goals. It helped that I was in the best shape of the past 3 years so the 4 games on Sunday didn't wear me out as badly as I thought it would.

I also had the chance this past weekend to return to the tournament that started it all, the World Pond Hockey tournament in Plaster Rock, NB which has been going since 2002. Who wouldn't want to play pond hockey with the setup they have as seen in the ariel photo below. With 120 teams registered from all the Canadian provinces, 23 US states, as well as countries such as England, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Egypt, Cayman Islands, and Bermuda we had 40 teams playing at once on 20 ice surfaces.

And talk about volunteers, the people of Plaster Rock work all year long to prepare for this and do they ever put on a good event. The Friday night Kitchen Party that happened in the main tent went on until 4am. Then there's the big dance on Saturday night which is the biggest social event for the year in this village of 1200. It's hard to tell you how great the experience is to be at this tournament, you have to just go and play (mind you it's hard to get in as they have a lottery for new teams)

The team I played for was raising awareness for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and from the team photo below we have Shawn McIllwraith, me, Rick Jenkins, and Dave D'entremont.

Now it you'll excuse me, it's back to some NHL '07 on my XBox 360 as I pretend I'm playing on a frozen pond in -25 degrees Celsius weather and loving every minute of it!

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