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Not very amazing or technical but thought I'd post a bit about it anyways. Anyone that gets asked how to show a repeating decimal in Word, for example representing the fraction 1/3 in decimal is 1.33333333  with 3 repeating to infinity.  Normally there would be a line above the last 3 (the line is called a vinculum).  

Now to show the 3 with a line above it in Microsoft Word you need to use a field code that superimposes one character over the other.

Press Ctrl-F9 to insert the field delimiters then within the field code type
EQ \O(3,¯) 

Now the parts of that are:

EQ - creates a scientific equation
\O  - indicates to overstrike each successive element over the previous one
(3,¯)  - the characters in the order to draw/type them on screen. Replace with whatever you want to combine, for example zero and a slash (0,/)

Maybe Prince was playing around with this feature when he changed his name to a symbol?

For a more detailed guide complete with screen grabs see Suzanne's posting in the list below.

Definition of repeating decimals
How to create overbars by Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill
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Someone sent me an e-mail on how to show repeating decimals in Powerpoint.

First thing I realized is that PP doesn't have field codes. So here's two alternatives. You can take the ¯ character and put it in a new text field object and then place it where you want on the slide. You might have to mess with the layering but it should work just fine. Another option is to use the Line tool and draw a line (hold down shift to get a straight horizontal line) and then again move it above the character on the slide.
Left by Jason Row on Oct 24, 2008 1:44 PM

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