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I am currently working on making a free version of my iOS application. I followed a fantastic tutorial a while back ( ) which got me up and running with a free and regular version, sharing the same code base. This is great, because changes made will be mirrored across both versions, so you don't have the nightmare of maintaining two sets of code.

I shelved the free version for a while and then decided to come back to it, and hopefully get it out in time for 4.2's release next month. I had added several new classes and some views since the last time I built the free version and thought it would compile just fine. I was wrong!

I ran into the error with several of those new classes/views (OBJ_CLASS_$) saying the symbols were missing. I was confused, since I saw them right there in my project.

Turns out that I had to manually copy these over to the free version so that it would build along with all the other classes. XCode doesn't automatically do this if you've been working in one target and then switch to the other.

It's a simple fix though. Lets say you're getting an error that a class called "ProgramSettings" is referenced but missing. Follow these steps:

1) Find "Targets" in the left side of your Xcode window ,and expand it. You should see something like "MyApp" and "MyApp Free".

2) Expand the "MyApp Free" (or whatever version that you're getting the error in).

3) You should see lots of folders, named "Copy Bundle Resources", "Compile Sources", and "Link Binary With Libraries." You will want to find the class (ProgramSettings.m) in your project above, and simply drag and drop them into "Compile Sources", along with all the other classes.

You can repeat step #3 for what is missing. Classes go in the Compile Sources and nibs (.xib) go in the Copy Resource Bundle.

4) Clean, build and launch!

it should now be error free, assuming you had no other errors on build and in your code.


Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010 12:53 PM Quick Tips | Back to top

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