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Steve's high-tech meal planIn my previous Getting Healthy post I mentioned that "You have to be willing to challenge the status-quo even when you skinny friends look at you like you're stupid (I have a story about this but I'll save it for a future installment)." Well I suppose this is that future installment. It’s only been like 13 months… gimme a break!

By challenging the status-quo I was specifically referring to the fact that I eat six times per day. Unless of course my girlfriend and I are away for the weekend then we typically eat one meal, usually at about 2PM, usually consisting of a huge chunk of animal flesh and lots of carbohydrates! We’re just so… AHEM busy AHEM that we forget to eat. Last trip that we took I think I lost 7 pounds in three days. I digress, I’m sorry. So I was saying that typically I eat six times per day. I have found that this keeps me a lot more satisfied and I’m a lot less likely to pig out at lunch or dinner or after dinner.

I have lost a lot of weight but I’m still a big guy (6’3”, 245). I can eat roughly 2400 calories per day and still get rid of about two pounds per week depending on my activity level. That means I can eat meals of 300, 300, 600, 300, 600, 300 every day and still lose weight. I have this on a yellow-sticky on my monitor at work.

So what is the problem? I can’t tell you how many times my skinny co-workers look at me as I eat my 3PM Zone Perfect Bar and give me this look that says, “jeez that's why he's fat... he eats all damned day long."

It would be easy to get embarrassed and stop this habit... but you know what. Screw them! I've shed a little over 70 pounds this way and I'm not going to stop! Bite my ass skinny boy! You might be skinny but I bet I can bench press your body weight PLUS your max bench press weight. Probably several times! AND I bet I can ride a bike faster than you. And for longer (time or distance) than you. Deep breath – no, I’m not bitter. So please if you are fighting this battle like I am, figure out what works and stick with it. No matter what people say. Unless they are trying to talk you out of a fad diet… then listen to them!

I won’t even talk about how much crap I’ve taken for starting Yoga!

So dear readers has peer pressure ever made you change your health or fitness routine? Is there anything in your health and fitness routine that other people laugh at? If so how do you deal with the criticism?

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